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Thomas Kane Pamphlet Collection on Ethiopia/Eritrea at the Library of Congress

Ethinicty and Culture

Each article on Ethiopia from the Thomas Kane Pamphlet Collection is identified by a specific number. Within this subject, the articles and pamphlets are organized alphabetically by the author's name. Researchers should submit a call slip with the specific subject and the number assigned. The researcher is advised to take advantage of the alphabetical arrangement of the authors of the pamphlets. Because the pamphlets are kept in a folder with all of the information about the title of the article, name of author and the subject as well as the number assigned to it, please return the article inside the correct folder after each use.

1 Andrezjewski. B.W. Some Observation on the Present Orthography for Oromo 5th International Conference on Ethiopian Studies 19-22 December 1977 14 pages
2 Cerulli, Enrico Note Su Alcune Popolazioni Sidama Dell’ Abissiniaa Meridionale Rivista degli Studi Orientali; v10 1923-1925 Pg. 567-692
3 Clais, Andre In the Province of Caffa   1967 16 pages
4a Clapham, Christopher Ethnicity and the National Question in Ethiopia     7 pages
*3 copies
4b Clapham, Christopher Ethnicity and the National Question in Ethiopia     7 pages
*3 copies
4c Clapham, Christopher Ethnicity and the National Question in Ethiopia     7 pages
*3 copies
5 Committee of Foreign Affairs Expressing the Grave Concern of the Congress Regarding the Plight of Ethiopian Jews   1984 Pg. 1-15
6 Crummey, Donald Society and Ethnicity in the Politcs of Christain Ethiopia during the Zamana Masafent International Journal of African Historical Studies; v3, n2 1975 Pg. 266-278
7 Faitlovitch, Jacques Notes d’un les Falashas d’apres les Explorateurs   1908 Pg. 1-10
8 Faitlovitch, Jacques Notes d’un Voyage chez les Falashas   1905 Pg. 1-27
9 Griaulle, Marcel Prieve Pour Etre Proteye Des Serpents   1935 1 page
10 Hecht, Elisabeth-Dorothea The Voluntary Associations and the Social Status of Harar Women 6th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies 13-18 April 1980 13 pages
11 Henze, Martha A. One Aspect of Ethiopia and the Near East: Role of Carpets and fine Textiles in Ethiopian Culture 3rd Academic Conference of Orbis Aethiopicus 25-29 September 1997 10 pages
12 Henze, Paul B. Democracy, Ethnicity and Development in Ethiopia; Thoughts on the Formationation and Operation of Political Parties In Ethiopia (1991)   August 1992 9 pages
13 Henze, Paul B. Ethnicity, Democracy, and Federalism: Reflections on Ethiopia in mid-1992   8 July 1992 7 pages
14 Hanze, Paul B. Ethnic Strain and Regional Conflict in Ethiopia CONFLICT;v8 1988 Pg. 111-140
15 Henze, Paul B. The Challenge of Historical and Cultural Preservation in Ethiopia   28 April 1998 12 pages
16 International Crisis Group Ethiopia: Ethnic Federalism and its discontents   4 September 2009 45 pages
17 Kane, Thomas A TPLF Literary Work     8 pages
18 Kaplan, Steven The Invasion of Ethiopian Jews: Three Models Cahers d’Etudes Africaines 1993 Pg. 645-658
19 Kaplan, Steven & Rosen, Chaim Ethiopian Jews in Israel American Jewish Year Book 1994 Pg. 59-109
20 Karlikow, Abraham & Avner, Gershon The Falashas Today: How they live in Ethiopia; How Israel integrates the Falashas   April 1982; March 1982 19 pages
21 Last, Jill Ethiopians and the Houses They Live in. Ethiopian Tourism Commission 1981 Pg. 1-32
22 Leslau, Wolf Popular Interpretation of Dreams in Ethiopia     Pg. 61-82
23 Lewis, Herbert S Neighbors, Friends, and Kinsmen: Principles of Social Organization Among the Cushitic – Speaking Peoples of Ethiopia Ethnology; v13, n2 April 1974 Pg. 145-157
24 Michaelson, Marc Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia, Part 1 – Transforming a Political Landscape Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA) Letters September 1999 9 pages
25 Petrides, S. Pierre Etiologie Et Finalite des Genealogies Ethiopiennes 3rd International Conference of Ethiopian Studies April 1966 Pg. 319-329
26 Pollera, Alberto I Baria E I Cunama   1913 161 pages
27 Reminick, Ronald A The Evil Eye Belief Among the Amhara of Ethiopia Ethnology; v13, n3 April 1974 Pg. 279-291
28 Shack, William A. On Deus Otiosus in Gurage Traditions. After the Accession of Menelik II 5th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies 19-22 December 1977 8 pages
29 Sokol, David M. The Jews of Ethiopia Spertus Museum 1986 4 pages
30 Wallaanso Journal of the Union of Oromo Students in North America Vol.1, No.1 October 1976 34 pages
31 Young, Allan Magic as a “Quasi-Profession”: the Organization of Magic and Magical Healing Among Amhara Ethnology: v14, n3 July 1975 Pg. 245-265
32   A Summary of Cultural Affairs in Ethiopia Institute of Ethiopian Studies June 2000 2 pages
33   The Ethiopian Research Council’s Sixteenth- Anniversary Special Edition Promoting African and African-American Culture The Chronicle June 1994 Pg. 1-36
34   The Indian Ocean Newsletter No. 489 27 July 1991 4 pages