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Thomas Kane Pamphlet Collection on Ethiopia/Eritrea at the Library of Congress


Each article on Ethiopia from the Thomas Kane Pamphlet Collection is identified by a specific number. Within this subject, the articles and pamphlets are organized alphabetically by the author's name. Researchers should submit a call slip with the specific subject and the number assigned. The researcher is advised to take advantage of the alphabetical arrangement of the authors of the pamphlets. Because the pamphlets are kept in a folder with all of the information about the title of the article, name of author and the subject as well as the number assigned to it, please return the article inside the correct folder after each use.

1 Cacciapuoti, Raffaele Medicina E Farmacologia Indigena in Etiopia   1941 Pg. 322-329
2 Grebaut, Sylvain Textes Magiques Ethiopiens   1939 Pg. 1-16
3 Griaule, Marcel Emploi Medical de la Pomme de Terre de Chien Aethiopica Revue Philologique; n4 October 1934 Pg. 115-116
4 Hecht, Elisabeth - Dorothea Traditional Medicine and Magic among the Amhara of Ethiopis     29 pages
5 Hodes, Richard & Kloos, Helmut Health and Medical Care in Ethiopia   1988 9 pages
6 Pankhurst, Richard Europe’s Discovery of the Ethiopian Taenicide - Kosso   1979 Pg. 297-307
7 Pankhurst, Richard Europe’s Discovery of the Ethiopian Taenicide - Kosso   1979 Pg. 297-313
8 Pankhurst, Richard The Medical Activities in 18th Century Ethiopia of James Bruce the Explorer Medizin Historisches Journal 1982 Pg. 256-276
9 Seibert, Same & Wilkinson, Ray Attacking the Victims: the Rebels cut food-supply lines in Ethiopia NEWSWEEK 9 November 1987 1 page
10 Ullendorff, Edward Stefan Strelcyn, 1918-1981   1983 Pg. 479-490
11   Spotlight: Local Wounds Treated Locally; Human Rights Report Controversial Ethiopian News Agency; 14,23 31 July 1992 8 pages