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Tourism and Travel: A Research Guide

Internet Resources

Washington, D.C. - Braniff International Airways. 1960s. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

We have included some industry related resources, news sources, and related content with a focus on the United States. The associations that represent travel agents and tour operators can also be useful sources for more general travel and tourism information, those links can be found on the page Travel Agents & Tour Operators of this guide.

While we have not linked to the commercial travel planning sites, they can be used to understand some of the trends. Here are questions to consider and information to look for:

  • Do they have corporate information like press releases reporting on trends or issues based on the data they have gathered from their users?
  • Do they offer particular and unique functionality designed to be helpful for travelers that can be used by those studying the industry?
  • What travel packages, big deals, or hot destinations are being pushed? What does that say about what is popular?

Lastly, tourism/travel information for specific geographical areas (state, regions, countries, etc) can often be found through local government tourism agencies or industry specific associations. While we cannot link to all of these individually, look for the state agencies specifically. If you have trouble finding them, try searching tourism report and add a place name to get the data and other information that may be available. We have also not linked to tourism sites from foreign countries except in a few particular cases. Sites from local places and other countries are also useful for seeing trends specific to them and how the industry in their country might fit into the larger picture.

Market Research

This guide does not include individual market research reports and services from firms like STR, but there are some research companies listed that produce reports that can be purchased from a variety of vendors. For example, reports like Global Music Tourism Market Report, Global Luxury Travel Market 2017-2021, and Global Marine Tourism Market 2019 are often very good resources for a very specialized and detailed perspective. If you cannot afford to purchase one, sometimes information and data from the reports will be included in articles or other news sources, so it might be helpful to search on the name of report itself in news sources or see what the firm has on its website that might be freely available.