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Trade Catalogs in the Library of Congress

Search Strategies

The Library of Congress Online Catalog uses standard terminology called Library of Congress Subject Headings. The term “trade catalogs” is rarely used. Instead, use subject terms such as "commercial catalogs" and other terms listed below. Search also by manufacturer name, geographic area, name of objects, or use additional subdivisions for specificity.

Tips for Locating Trade Catalogs at the Library of Congress

  • The Main Card Catalog, located adjacent to the Main Reading Room is the authority for older materials in the collections added prior to 1980. Because not all items are included in the online catalog searching the Main Card Catalog may be necessary.
  • Add a geographic term to narrow the search to a specific location. For example: pottery--Ohio--catalogs
  • When searching for Trade Catalogs by title in the Library of Congress card or online catalog, use both “catalog” and “catalogue” interchangeably, regardless of country of origin.
  • Already know of a book on the topic? Look up the catalog record for that specific title, identify the subject terms used, then search that term to find additional items.

Subject Browses