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The Trucking Industry: A Research Guide

Industry Codes

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system was established by the U.S. Government to provide a uniform means for collecting, presenting, and analyzing economic data. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), adopted in 1997 by the U.S. Canada, and Mexico, replaced the SIC system and is the new standard for economic data. Please see our Guide to Industry Research to learn more about industry classification codes and their use in industry research.

NAICS Code 484230 – Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Long-Distance

Definition of NAICS Code 484230: This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing long-distance specialized trucking. These establishments provide trucking between metropolitan areas that may cross North American country borders.

Illustrative Examples of NAICS 484230

What are some examples of this code? The bulleted items below are illustrative examples of this classification.

  • Long-distance automobile carrier trucking
  • Long-distance refrigerated product trucking
  • Long-distance bulk liquid trucking
  • Long-distance trucking of waste
  • Long-distance hazardous material trucking

What codes are similar to this classification that might be a more applicable code?

The cross-reference guide below displays the codes for other similar industries. Please review to find the most applicable classification.

  • NAICS 484220: Providing local specialized freight trucking (except used goods)–are classified in Industry NAICS 484220, Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Local;
  • NAICS 48412:  Providing long-distance general freight trucking including all North American international travel–are classified in Industry 48412, General Freight Trucking, Long-Distance;
  • NAICS 484210: Providing trucking of used household and office goods–are classified in Industry NAICS 484210, Used Household and Office Goods Moving; 
  • NAICS 56211:  Collecting and/or hauling hazardous waste, nonhazardous waste, and/or recyclable materials within a local area–are classified in Industry 56211, Waste Collection.

The North American Industry Classification System contains multiple index entries that are each descriptive of the same code. The bulleted list below shows all index entries (Current and former) that are associated with the classification NAICS 484230 . These index entries further elaborate on the scope of applicable industries that have already been defined elsewhere in this guide.

  • Automobile carrier trucking, long-distance
  • Boat hauling, truck, long-distance
  • Bulk liquids trucking, long-distance
  • Dry bulk carrier, truck, long-distance
  • Farm products trucking, long-distance
  • Flatbed trucking, long-distance
  • Forest products trucking, long-distance
  • Grain hauling, long-distance
  • Gravel hauling, long-distance
  • Livestock trucking, long-distance
  • Log hauling, long-distance
  • Mobile home towing services, long-distance
  • Radioactive waste hauling, long-distance
  • Recyclable material hauling, long-distance
  • Refrigerated products trucking, long-distance
  • Refuse hauling, long-distance
  • Rubbish hauling without collection or disposal, truck, long-distance
  • Sand hauling, long-distance
  • Tanker trucking (e.g., chemical, juice, milk, petroleum), long-distance
  • Tracked vehicle freight transportation, long-distance
  • Trash hauling, long-distance
  • Trucking, specialized freight (except used goods), long-distance
  • Waste hauling, hazardous, long-distance
  • Waste hauling, nonhazardous, long-distance