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Ukraine: Address and Telephone Directories

Telephone and address directories are used by genealogists and historians to identify people and businesses from a particular place and era. This guide lists directories from Ukraine in the Library of Congress collection.


Spravochnik Khmelʹnit︠s︡koĭ gorodskoĭ telefonnoï seti. 1989. Library of Congress General Collections.

Most residential and general organizational telephone directories are not cataloged by the Library of Congress, even though the Library maintains a large collection of foreign and domestic directories. We have therefore compiled this list of directories from Ukraine as a finding aid for our staff and researchers.

The uncataloged and cataloged directories listed in this guide reflect the holdings of the Library of Congress of Ukrainian telephone directories. The list of holdings is arranged alphabetically by city or region and is in chronological order. The "Title" field provides the exact title from the cover. The "Type" field indicates whether a directory lists organizational, residential, or both kinds of telephone numbers. Any additional information, such as the number of volumes, whether the volume is a supplement, if it is published within a special series, or if it is digitized, is provided in the "Notes" field. The Library of Congress has acquired a collection of 80 directories for Ukraine that have been digitized, and are all listed here.

Cyrillic text was transliterated using standard Romanization tables.

In addition to the uncataloged directories listed in this guide, the Library also holds several that are cataloged and may be requested using the online catalog. We list most of the yellow pages type telephone books for Ukraine in this guide. To locate more directories, search the Library of Congress Online Catalog using subject keywords such as "Ukraine" or the name of a city and "directories" or "telephone." In addition to telephone directories, there are also business/address directories from Ukraine.

Here are some examples of books that can be of interest to those who are looking for information about telephone books from Ukraine. The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.

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