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U.S. Trade Policy: A Research Guide


This page lists resources on trade rules and regulations that affect exports as well as agencies and organizations that are involved in the process or report on it.

Export Procedures and Requirements

Export Taxes, Charges & Levies

The U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 9) prohibits export taxes. There are fees associated with services performed e.g., inspection, certification of agriculture products.

Export Prohibitions, Restrictions & Licensing

The United States restricts exports for national security and foreign policy objectives. Many restrictions cover munitions. Product categories covered by restrictions include natural gas, electric power, fish and wildlife, dual use munitions and military items, nuclear material and equipment, nuclear technology, controlled substances and precursor chemicals, food, drugs, cosmetics, meal, poultry, eggs, high value agriculture products, agriculture risk products.

Export Support and Promotion: Structures

Export Finance, Insurance, and Guarantees