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United States Army Field Manuals: A Resource Guide and Inventory

Series 20: Miscellaneous

The following title links to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.

The inventory below lists Field Manuals (FM) found in Series 20 at the Library of Congress

FM # Title Author Date Page Count
20-15 Tents and Tent Pitching War Dept Feb. 1945 74 pages
20-15 Tents and Tent Pitching Dept. of the Army Jan. 1956 106 pages
20-15 Pole and Frame Supported Tents Dept. of the Army Sep. 1964 146 pages
20-16 Air-Supported Tentage Dept. of the Army Jul. 1964 31 pages
20-20 Military Dog Training and Employment Dept. of the Army Apr. 1960 116 pages
20-22 Vehicle Recovery Operations Dept. of the Army Oct. 1962 167 pages
20-32 Employment of Lane Mines Dept. of the Army Jul. 1955 146 pages
20-100 Army Ground Forces Light Aviation War Dept Sep. 1947 176 pages
20-150 National Search and Rescue Manual Dept. of the Army 1959 Various pages