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United States Army Field Manuals: A Resource Guide and Inventory

Series 9: Ordnance

The following title links to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.

The inventory below lists Field Manuals (FM) found in Series 9 at the Library of Congress

FM # Title Author Date Page Count
9-5 Ordnance Field Manual Ordnance Service in the Field War Dept Jul. 1942 107 pages
9-6 Ordnance Field Manual Ammunition Supply War Dept Sep. 1942 340 pages
9-6 Ammunition Service in the Theater of Operations Dept. of the Army Jun. 1965 189 pages
9-9 Ordnance General Support Company Dept. of the Army Mar. 1961 78 pages
9-10 Ordnance Field Manual Ordnance Field Maintenance War Dept Apr. 1942 215 pages
9-20 Ordnance Field Manual Ordnance Ammunition Company Ordnance Ammunition Battalion War Dept Jul. 1942 255 pages
9-25 Ordnance Field Manual the Ordnance Company, Dept War Dept Sep. 1942 232 pages
9-30 Maintenance Battalion Division Support Command Dept. of the Army Dec. 1961 116 pages
9-40 Ordnance Unexploded Bombs Organization and Operations for Disposal War Dept Oct. 1943 148 pages
9-127 Ordnance Direct Automotive Support Company War Dept Oct. 1961 135 pages
9-367 Ordnance Supply Depot Company Dept. of the Army Sep. 1961 109 pages