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United States Army Technical Manuals: A Resource Guide and Inventory

Series 21: Individual Soldier

The following title links to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.

The inventory below lists Technical Manuals (TM) found in the Series 21: Individual Soldier series at the Library of Congress:

TM # Title Author Date Page Count
21-205 Special Service Officer War Department May 1942 171 p.
21-210 Sports and Games War Department May 1942 197 p.
21-221 Informal Games For Soldiers War Department Dec. 1943 56 p.
21-225 The Army Sports Program Dept of the Army Feb. 1951 230 p.
21-250 Army Instruction War Department Apr. 1943 227 p.
21-300 Driver Selection and Training War Department Nov. 1942 264 p.
21-300 Choix et Instruction du Conducteur de Vehicules Automobiles Minister de la Guerre May 1944 284 p.
21-300 Driver Selection Training and Supervision, Wheeled Vehicles War Department Feb. 1945 44 p.
21-300 Driver Selection and Training Dept of the Army Oct. 1951 212 p.
21-300 Driver Selection and Training (Wheeled Vehicles) Dept of the Army Apr. 1964 52 p.
21-300 Driver Selection and Training (Wheeled Vehicles) Dept of the Army July 1967 64 p.
21-301 Driver Selection Training, and Supervision, Half-Track and Full-Track Vehicles War Department Oct. 1944 76 p.
21-302 Operator Selection and Training: Materials Handling Equipment War Department Feb. 1945 48 p.
21-302A Operator Selection and Training Materials Handling Equipment Platform Trucks Wheeled Warehouse Cranes and Straddle Trucks War Department Dec. 1945 20 p.
21-305 Driver's Manual War Department Nov. 1944 146 p.
21-306 Manual For the Full-Truck Vehicle Driver War Department Aug. 1946 91 p.
21-500 Army Reader War Department May 1943 148 p.
21-500 The Army Reader Dept of the Army Jan. 1954 104 p.
21-510 Army Arithmetic War Department May 1943

48 p.