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U.S. Civil War: Selected Resources at the Library of Congress

This research guide comprises selected digital and print items from the vast body of American Civil War collection material at the Library of Congress. Additionally, links to selected external resources are included.


This guide is a compilation of many of the Civil War resources at the Library of Congress, along with links to selected resources outside the Library. The resources are organized by format. The purpose of this guide is to present researchers with selected sources through which they can begin and expand their scope of study of the American Civil War. It is not meant to serve as an exhaustive source for Civil War sources accessible through the Library of Congress.

Featured Online Exhibition: American Treasures

"Memory Gallery B" in the Library's American Treasures exhibition features digitized images of the rarest and most significant items relating to the U.S. Civil War in the Library's collections. Researchers will find maps, photographs, manuscripts, unique documents, and the contents of Lincoln's pockets from the evening of his assassination.