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U.S. Trade with China: Selected Resources

U.S. Trade Disputes with China

There are various views within the U.S. administration and between the Administration and Congress on how to respond to China’s perceived unfair trading practices. For some practices there are no internationally agreed rules: exporting more than importing to a particular country, or not requiring technology transfer to permit investments. There is a consensus that existing rules that China is breaking are to be vigorously enforced and the United States is implementing the traditional trade remedies. China is the largest target of U.S. traditional trade remedies including dumping, countervailing and safeguard orders that counter the unfairly low, often subsidized by Chinese government, price of their imports to the United States. The goal of these trade measures is help to “level the playing field” for U.S. companies and industries that would be negatively impacted by the Chinese practices. 

The sources below provide background information on the trade disputes as well as current developments.