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Pandemic Diary: Camilo J. Vergara's Photographs Documenting COVID-19

Time Lapse Photographs

Throughout his career, Camilo J. Vergara has used photography to “track time,” documenting how city neighborhoods have changed and grown under the conditions of economic struggle and gentrification. Through 2020-2022, Vergara has employed time-lapse sequences to track how single locations in New York, Newark, and elsewhere have adapted with changing conditions of the global pandemic. In the image galleries represented here, we may witness the rapid emptying of urban landscapes, the emergence and disappearance of mask-wearing in public, and the erection of temporary outdoor testing, vaccination, and dining tents as just a few of the many ways city-dwellers adapted to life under COVID-19. In the time lapse series examples presented below, click on each title to view the set of nine time lapse images. For a more complete list and links to other sites photographed by Vergara over time available in the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog, scroll down to the list of More Time Lapse Series at the bottom of the page.


Click the below links to view more time lapse series:

All of the photos in this guide are from the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division. Camilo J. Vergara's photographs are used by permission of the photographer. For information on permissions and credit line, see the Camilo José Vergara Rights and Restrictions information page