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Voices of War: Stories of Service from the Home Front and the Front Lines

Chapter Seven: Reflections

Any veteran who has shared his or her story with the Veterans History Project has a take on what their time in service during war meant to them. Although for most, the experience itself was largely positive, there was also an inevitable readjustment to civilian and peacetime life that for some is still an ongoing process. Please note: page numbers refer to the pages in "Voices of War" on which the veteran appears.

One Woman's Story - Rhona Marie Knox Prescott

Image of Rhona Marie Knox Prescott

Rhona Prescott served in the U.S. Army from December 1961 to May 1968, the last year of her hitch spent in Vietnam. But in looking back at her experience, during which her best friend was killed in the crash of a plane that Rhona would have been on, she realized that this was no ordinary time for her.
(featured on pages 314-317)

Learn more about Rhona Marie Knox Prescott

“There is not enough gold in Fort Knox to make me do it again, but I am glad I did it.”   
– Nathaniel Raley

Additional Veterans Featured in Chapter Six

Image of Max Cleland

"...We were our own band of brothers... we were alone"

Senator Max Cleland's story
(pages 293-294, 313)

Image of Chuck Hagel

"I didn't want to be in Germany when there was a war going on in Vietnam."

Senator Chuck Hagel's story
(page 298)

Image of Violet Hill Askins Gordon

"This was such a bold step..."

Violet Hill Askins Gordon's story
(pages 297-298)

Image of Jeanne Markle

"We ran out of bandages ... and had to use the Stars & Stripes newspaper ..."

Image of Paul Alexander Steppe, Jr.

"I believe I was becoming experienced too fast in the ways of the war..."

Paul Alexander Steppe, Jr.'s story
(pages 309-310)

Image of Tracy A. Sugarman

"Above all, I prayed that I would live to make you happy."

Tracy A. Sugarman's story
(pages  310-311)

Image of Ronald Winter

" don't turn your back on [a friend] when the going gets a little nasty..."

Ronald Winter's story
(pages 312-313)


Additional Featured Stories

William Jennings Arnett (pages 292-293)
Robert Edward Bendl, Jr. (page 301)
Isabelle Cedar Cook (page 303)
Clare Marie Morrison Crane (page 308)
Alvin Dickson (pages 295-296)
John Enman (page 296)
Bruce Donald Fenchel (pages 296-297)
Donald Patrick Finn (page 303)
Thomas H. Hodge (page 299)
William Valentine Loncaric (pages 299, 304)
Walter Morris (pages 304-305)
Joanne Palella (pages 305-306)
Sally Hitchcock Pullman (page 306)
Nathaniel G. Raley (pages 306-307)
Vincent Cornelius Reed (pages 290, 295)
Sidney Algernon Riches, Sr. (page 307)
Patricia M. Seawalt (page 300)
Ben M. Snyder (page 301)
Donald Spencer (pages 307-309)
Frederick Clarence Stilson (page 302)
Malcolm Harvey Stilson (page 310)
James Walsh (pages 302, 311-312)