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Voices of War: Stories of Service from the Home Front and the Front Lines

Chapter Four: They Also Serve

Wars aren't won by force alone, but the men and women who work in support of the infantry are too often taken for granted. Here are stories of the intelligence agents and the nurses, the scientists and the mapmakers, the storekeepers and the entertainers who all played their own roles on the broad stage that is war. Please note: page numbers refer to the pages in "Voices of War" on which the veteran appears.

One Family's Story - Malcolm, Frederick and Warren Stilson

Image of Corbin Willis

The more members a family sends off to war, the more likely that one will not return. Frederick Stilson and his two sons, Malcolm and Warren, all served their country proudly in two wars. Frederick and Malcolm were the lucky ones; though they were shipped overseas, they never fired a weapon and were rarely in harm’s way. Warren, Malcolm’s younger brother, served in the infantry and was killed in action leading up to the Battle of the Bulge. (featured on pages 212-215)
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Image of Malcolm Harvey Stilson

"Brother mine, when we get back together again, I think we will be a lot closer than we ever have before. When I was younger, I made a mistake in not teaming up with you more often. Together we could have done lots more than we ever did singly."
World War II As Seen Through the Letters of Malcolm and Warren Stilson, page 139

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“It goes without saying that knowing enemy intentions is half the battle.”
– Warren Tsuneishi

Additional Veterans Featured in Chapter Four

Image of Stephen Earle Buyer

"I got a phone call from a friend of mine..."

Rep. Steve Buyer's story
(pages 184-186)

Image of Isabelle Cedar Cook

"Proceed immediately to Camp Rucker, Alabama..."

Isabelle Cedar Cook's story
(pages 194, 195-197)

Image of John Aubrey Enman, Jr.

"I matured faster, becoming wiser sooner in the ways of the world than had I remained at home."

John Aubrey Enman's story
(pages 172, 178-179)

Image of Margaret Henry Fleming

"How did I feel through all of this? Scared to death, naturally..."

Margaret Henry Fleming's story
(pages 207-211)

Image of Patricia M. Seawalt

"...My prayers are with my fellow brothers and sisters..."

Patricia M. Seawalt's story
(pages 182-185)


Additional Featured Stories

Denton W. Crocker (pages 180, 181-182)
Rafael Hirtz (pages 176-178, 179)
Robert Krishef (page 191)
Jeanne Urbin Markle (pages 198-199, 205)
Robert Lee Olen (page 209)
Rhona Knox Prescott (page 204-207)
Sally Hitchcock Pullman (pages 199-203)
Rep. Edward Schrock (pages 186, 188-189)
Rosalind Westfall Sellmer (page 201)
Patty Thomas (page 193)
Ernest Nelson Thorp (page 209)
Warren Tsuneishi (pages 174-176)
John Caspar Wister (pages 186-188)
Janice Bickerstaff Yeoman (page 190)
Jacob Younginer (pages 186, 189)