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Wall Street and the Stock Exchanges: Historical Resources

The selection of resources included in this guide are intended for those researching the history of Wall Street and includes resources for those interested in researching the history of the various American stock exchanges.


Henry Mayer, artist. Wall Street and the nouveau poor. 1914. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

While Wall Street started as a street in lower Manhattan in the 17th century, today the term has come to mean more. Now it refers to the businesses directly related to stock exchanges and the financial markets, and even more broadly, big business and investing in the United States.

In this guide you will find items that look at the history of Wall Street. Also, given the importance of the specific stock exchanges, we have also included some general titles as well as material that will look at several of the larger exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the NASDAQ. We have included older items which can provide a different perspective on Wall Street than we have now, by providing insight into how previous generations viewed Wall Street.


This new research guide was developed from and replaces three previously published web guides:
  • History of the NASDAQ and American Stock Exchanges
  • History of the New York Stock Exchange
  • History of Wall Street: Selected References

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