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Interconnecting Worlds: Weaving Community Narratives, Andean Histories & the Library’s Collections

Transcending Pacha: Andean Arts

Indigenous visual artists have positioned their art as a deeply personal reflection of their knowledges, cultures, and communities. While many artistic expressions from the Andes help preserve its history, Andean art making is as relevant and important as it was over a thousand years ago.

In this guide, visual arts are considered valuable tools of Quechua, Andean, and Indigenous knowledge production. As the following materials from the Library and interviews illustrate, Indigenous art extends past surface-level interpretation. Whether artists are aiming to preserve a specific moment in time, promote a cultural practice, or craft a story through their art, there is evident intentionality both at the root and throughout their work.

Andean creativity transcends pacha, time and space in Quechua, as artists generate a distinct duality of tradition and possibility through their diverse and unique artwork.

The Andean Perspective

The following images showcase Andean people, places, art, and fashion from the perspectives of artists from the Andes. These images are meant to encourage further research about arts that center Indigenous customs, peoples, and stories.

Narratives from the Ayllu

In the following interviews, Quechua and Andean visual artists share their perspectives on their creative processes and their unique relationships to their art. For Megan Rakos and Sam Herscher, art making is a part of their (re)connection journeys to their Quechua and Andean roots. For Suni Sonqo Vizcarra Wood, art can be a tool for decolonization and a way of uniting Indigenous peoples to their cultures, communities, and to one another.

In these interviews, creativity is a reflection of the pride and respect these visual artists have for their Quechua and Andean cultures, identities, and histories. The interviewees also discuss their own vision for the future of Quechua and Andean art making.

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From the Library

This selection of resources introduce the people, culture, geography, and region of the Andes for general audiences and researchers. Staff in the Hispanic Reading Room can provide access to the materials located at the Library of Congress. If you cannot visit us in person send us a message through Ask a Librarian to further assist you.