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Women's Suffrage in the Moving Image and Recorded Sound Collections

Radio, Popular Song & Spoken Word

National Photo Co. [National Woman's Party activists watch Alice Paul sew a star onto the NWP Ratification Flag, representing another state's ratification of the 19th Amendment]. [1919-20]. Records of the National Woman's Party. Library of Congress Manuscript Division.

The Recorded Sound Section has a number of recordings related to women's suffrage that can be discovered through both the Library of Congress Online Catalog and through the Recorded Sound Section's catalog called SONIC (see box below for more information). The sound recordings presented below include radio broadcasts and commercial recordings. Where possible, recordings in this list have been linked to full bibliographic information in the Library's online catalog. A few of the musical recordings are available through the National Jukebox and can be streamed online.

Sound ONline Iventory Catalog - SONIC

SONIC does not have a permanent linking feature for individual catalog records, and so you will have to search for the recording in SONIC using either the call number or the title of the recording in order to see its full record. Recordings listed here can be listened to in the Recorded Sound Research Center.

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Radio Broadcasts

Harris & Ewing. [MRS. CARRIE CHAPMAN CATT] WITH FLAGS OF 22 NATIONS. 1917. Harris & Ewing Collection. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

Popular Song Recordings

Harris & Ewing. WOMAN SUFFRAGE. SUFFRAGETTES AT CAPITOL. 1914. Harris & Ewing Collection. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

Spoken Word Recordings