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World of 1898: International Perspectives on the Spanish American War

Additional Resources

The Library has over 20 centers that provide research space and guidance for users to interact with collection items based on subject or format. You may locate additional resources on the Spanish-American War throughout the Library of Congress by reaching out to the following Reading Rooms and Research Centers.

Asian Division

The Asian Division houses special format materials from the Philippines, as well as reference specialists.

Geography and Map Division

G&M has numerous maps of the countries we have highlighted that were published around the time period of the war.

Manuscript Division

The Manuscript Division holds the papers of various personalities important to the history of the Spanish-American War such as:

  • Clara Barton
  • Grover Cleveland
  • John Hay
  • William McKinley
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Walt Whitman

Motion Picture and Television

The Edison material resides in this section.

Performing Arts Reading Room

The Music Division has sheet music from various countries involved in the war.

Prints and Photographs Division

Many of the items from P&P have been digitized and are available online. There are also many treasures in the division that may be found from the Roswell Randall Hoes Collection include materials relating to the Spanish-American War, gathered by Hoes, who was a Chaplain in the United States Navy.

Recorded Sound Reference Center

Sound recordings