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World War II Motorized Vehicles: Selected Books in the General Collections of the Library of Congress

Motorized vehicles such as tanks, armored cars, jeeps, trucks, and amphibians played a critical role in the Second World War. This guide identifies books on the various types of WWII motorized vehicles that are available at the Library of Congress.


This guide identifies published books about World War II motorized vehicles. Vehicles from both Allied and Axis nations are represented. Combat vehicles (tanks, armored cars, half-tracks), materiel and personnel carriers (Jeeps, command cars, trucks) and specialized vehicles (tank transporters, amphibians, bulldozers) can be found in this guide. It is not meant to be an exhaustive listing of all related books in the collections of the Library of Congress. It is limited to selected titles from the general collections which may be requested by researchers. The purpose of this guide is to present researchers with selected sources available in the Library of Congress through which they can begin and expand their scope of study regarding this aspect of World War II. Many of these sources should also be available at academic and public libraries.