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National World War II Reunion and the Veterans History Project

Images from the National Mall

On a hot, humid weekend in May 2014, the National Mall in Washington, DC, hosted tens of thousands of World War II veterans and their families as part of the National World War II Reunion. The Reunion was organized around the official dedication of the National World War II Memorial External, and veterans had converged both to witness the dedication and to reunite and reminisce about the days of the war. Arguably the largest reunion of WWII veterans since the end of the war, it also marked the last time many veterans would be able to participate in such a reunion. The photo gallery below captures many scenes from this event.

Photos by Michaela McNichol, Diane Kresh and Elizabeth Fulford, Library of Congress.

Image: Tuskegee Airmen
Image: Man with Flag
Veterans walking with Capitol in the background
Image: Navaho Code Talkers
Image: At the Entrance to the VHP Tent
Image: Comparing Tags
Woman with Sailor
Image: Young Marines
Image: Navaho Code Talker with Young Marine
Image: Two Vets at the Memorial
USO Women with Veteran
Looking down the mall