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National World War II Reunion and the Veterans History Project

Veterans Sharing Stories

During the National World War II Reunion, held May 27-30, 2004, volunteer interviewers traveled up and down the National Mall with hand-held tape recorders, capturing the stories of the World War II veterans attending the festivities. The photos in this gallery capture scenes of volunteer interviewers recording these stories and interacting with WWII veterans and their families throughout the weekend.

Photos by Michaela McNichol, Library of Congress.

Image: Volunteers with Vet on the Mall
Image: Volunteers Take Story from Vet
Image: Volunteers with Vet on the Mall
Image: Volunteers with Vet being Filmed for NPR
Image: Vet being Interviewed on the Mall
Interviewing a Veteran
Bending to Interview
2 Boys Taking Notes after Interview
Betty Brown interviews a Veteran
Interviewing under a Tent
Interviewing a man with a hat with a flag
Interviewing Man in Yellow Shirt
Charlie interviews a veteran
Interviewing man with glasses
Two on Two
Filling out Forms