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Yudin Collection at the Library of Congress: A Resource Guide

Finding Yudin Collection Items at the Library of Congress

Barbara L. Dash. Outside cover of a box container for one of Yudin's card catalogs. Rare Books & Special Collections Division.

Although the Yudin collection was initially stored together as one unit, its contents were gradually distributed throughout the Library of Congress according to subject matter and format. As a result, Yudin collection items can be requested in several reading rooms, including the Law Library Reading Room, the Rare Book & Special Collections Reading Room, and the Prints & Photographs Reading Room.

A search for Yudin collection items using the Library of Congress Online Catalog will not represent in entirety what is available. This is because not every online catalog record for a Yudin collection item includes a tag indicating the item is part of the collection. Thus the catalog record will not be included when using search terms such as "Yudin" or the "Yudin collection." To find records in the Library of Congress Online Catalog that have been updated with the "Yudin collection" tag, use the following search term:

Yudin Collection (Library of Congress).

Another way to find Yudin collection items at the Library of Congress is by searching a card catalog. There are two card catalogs which describe the Yudin collection. These catalogs were acquired along with the collection in 1906. One catalog is arranged alphabetically by author/title and is stored in the European Reading Room. The other is organized based on the original shelf order of the items in Yudin's home library. Each card marks the case, shelf and number of the item. This catalog is still stored in the original boxes sent by Yudin and is held in the Rare Book & Special Collections Division. To browse the card catalogs, please make a request using the "Ask a Librarian" boxes to the left.

The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.