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Yudin Collection at the Library of Congress: A Resource Guide

Yudin's Second Library and the Yudin Conference

Brumfield, William Craft, 1944-, photographer. Church of the Intercession (1785-95), cupolas, southwest view, Krasnoiarsk, Russia 1999. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

Not long after selling his collection to the Library of Congress in 1906, Yudin started a new library, voraciously acquiring more books and other print materials until his death in 1912. Although a precise estimate for this second collection is difficult to determine, it likely consisted of around 5,000 items. This second collection was also comprised of items Yudin did not include in his sale to the Library of Congress, such as books belonging to family members or those which were dedicated to Yudin.

During the Soviet era, the majority of items in this "second library" were transferred to the Krasnoiarsk Region Universal Research Library (KGAUK) where they remain in that library's Rare Book unit. Some items from Yudin's "second library" can also be found in libraries in Moscow and St. Petersburg, such as the Russian National Library and its collection of erotica from Yudin. Since 2000, KGAUK hosts an infrequent conference dedicated to Yudin as well as to broader issues about book history and preservation.

For more information about Yudin's "second library," please see the article included in this guide entitled "Yudin's 'Second Library,' 1907-1912: Current Status of Research," by Harold M. Leich, former Russian Area Specialist at the Library of Congress.

Below are additional resources on Yudin's "second library," including a catalog published by KGAUK of its Yudin items as well as the proceedings for past sessions of the Yudin-related conference.

The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.