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Zines at the Library of Congress

Zine Publishers, Distros & Libraries

While zines can sometimes be acquired via zine distributors, the most common method for zine acquisition is to acquire the zine directly from the creator/publisher, as it is generally unlikely to be available elsewhere. Zines are almost always produced and distributed by one individual, or a small group, and therefore zines must be acquired directly from them. This list is not comprehensive, but is meant to provide a starting point for locating independent and regional zine vendors.

  • Antiquated Future External (Oregon)
  • Archive Six External (Seattle)
  • Brown Recluse Zine Distro External (Seattle, Olympia, Oakland)
  • Catland Books (NYC)
  • Darcy Crash Distro
  • Fist Zine (NYC)
  • Homie House Press
  • Last Gasp
  • Queer Anxiety Babiez Distro (San Francisco Bay)
  • Radiator Comics (Chicago)
  • Stranger Danger Zine Distro (Chicago)
  • Pioneers Press (Lansing)
  • Flywheel Arts Collective
  • Doris Press and Horsey Girl Music (Athens)
  • McMicken FreeSpace (Cincinnati)
  • Antiquated Future (Portland)
  • Microcosm Publishing (Portland)
  • Wyrd Sisters Distro (Portland)
  • Poopsheet Shop (Bedford)
  • Mend My Dress Press (Tacoma)
  • Sweet Candy Distro and Press (Washington, DC)
  • Neither-Nor (Kansas City)
  • Sprout Zine Distro.
  • Wasted Ink Zine Distro

This list of non U.S. zine publishers and distributors is not comprehensive. This list is meant to offer resources for locating and acquiring non U.S. zines.


  • Sticky Institute(Melbourne)
  • Take Care Zine Distro (Enmore)


  • Fight Boredom (Montreal)
  • Look Mum! Distro (Guelph)


  • Eskaramuza DIY Distro (Curico)


  • Pen Fight (Manchester)
  • Vampire Hag Distro


  • Black Mosquito
  • Heavy Metal Zine Distro (Berlin)
  • Papiercafe (Kassel)

Hong Kong:

  • Zine COOP


  • Mount Zine (Tokyo)
  • Tokyo Book Art Fair


  • Tijuana Zine Fest

New Zealand:

  • Black Star Books Otepoti (Dunedin)


  • Wahala Zine


  • Tonone Bookstore (Laos)
  • Common Room PH

South Africa:

  • BAEK


  • Sandwich Mixto (Madrid)


  • Space Bar Zine